Dice Throne Season 2: Battle 4

[The retail format for Dice Throne Season 2 lends itself better to a series of reviews, rather than just one. So I made a general video about it for The Watch, that you can check out HERE, plus you can read my review on Battle 1 HERE, Battle 2 HERE, and Battle 3 HERE]

Every Character in Dice Throne is unique, with their own powers, abilities, and components. At the same time, they have many similarities as well. Each of the custom six-sided dice has different symbols and colours, but have the same distribution of symbols. Three of something (usually a signature weapon), two of something else, and a single special icon. Each side is also numbered allowing for players to roll a four or five dice straight, as well as sub in a standard die if something gets lost. Each player card also has nine potential actions that specific character can take. (I’ll look at those more in a minute.)

The first player to reduce their opponent from 50 Health down to 0 Health wins.

BATTLE 4: Seraph vs Vampire Lord

The final battle of Dice Throne: Season 2 is nothing less than a battle between good and evil.

“To look into the face of the Seraph is to gaze upon the hand of God. Her blades are infused with holy energy designed to cut evil from the earth. Her crystal wings carry her above the battlefield where her brilliant light blinds all who do not avert their gaze. Humble yourself before her holy presence or die.”

The Seraph is an offensive powerhouse, with mediocre basic defence but some interesting status tokens. Her Dice composition is a less standard setup with Holy Blades (1-3 on the die), Wings (4), a Cross (5), and an Angelic Pendant (6).

Her basic attack, Holy Blade, does 5-7 damage depending on the number of blades rolled. Purify (2 Crosses and 1 Pendant) lets her choose between doing 5 undefendable damage, or healing 4 points. That healing is helpful, given that her Angelic Mantle defensive ability is inconsistent at best. She rolls a single die, on a Blade she deals 2 undefendable damage, on the other three faces she prevents 1-3 damage.

Several of her attacks deal undefendable damage and most of them gain her status tokens. A Flight token can be spent to either make an attack undefendable or to ignore all incoming damage from an opponent’s attack. Blinding Light forces an opponent to roll a die during their upkeep phase that could prevent or limit them from inflicting offensive damage that turn. Cleanse removes another status token. Holy Presence automatically deals 1 undefendable damage every turn. Blessing of Divinity (which is only gained from her Ultimate ability, Split the Heavens, by rolling all five Pendants) lets her, or her team (nice touch), spend it when they would be reduced to 0 health, leaving them at 1 health instead.

Of course, the obvious opponent for such a powerful force of good, is a truly malevolent force of evil.

“The Vampire Lord’s power paralyzes even the bravest fighter! No combatant is more vicious. Her rending claws will leave her foes bloody and hemorrhaging. Attempting to resist her mesmerizing gaze or overcome her powerful blood magic will prove deadly for any foolish enough to oppose her.”

With a standard dice setup of Claw (1-3 on the die), Gaze (4-5), and a Droplet (6), many of her abilities are less brutishly powerful than Seraph, but that doesn’t make her any less dangerous.

Her basic attack, Gouge, starts lower at 3 damage but then jumps to 5 and 7 damage on higher rolls. Anytime she rolls an ability that requires a Droplet (which is most of them) she gains a Blood Power token. Blood Power is a great multi-purpose token that can be spent to add damage, remove other status tokens, draw cards, or heal. Her other tokens are Mesmerize, that can force an opponent to reroll a die, and Bleed which causes damage during upkeep, just as it does with the other characters that have it.

Her defensive ability gives her three dice to respond with, can inflict a Bleed token, gain a Blood Power token, or even steal health from her opponent. But more interestingly is her Large Straight, Blood Magic, that lets her spend a Mesmerize token to make its 8 damage undefendable. Assigning a token a different use for a specific ability is something I don’t recall seeing before now, and I like it.

With Season 2 of Dice Throne now fully available in the retail market, anticipation for Season 3 is already building. It’s not uncommon to find someone from Roxley at a convention with a testing copy of it in hand. The changes that the game has undergone between seasons 1 and 2 seem to have gone well, so you can add me to the list of people eagerly awaiting more.

You can find out more about Dice Throne, and Roxley Game Laboratory, online at roxley.com or on their Facebook page at facebook.com/roxleygames.

Dice Throne now has their own website now, you can visit DiceThrone.com to order and see some cool sneak peaks at Season 3.