Devil Bunny Needs A Ham & Devil Bunny Versus The Entire Galaxy (Kickstarter)

I have been a fan of Cheapass Games for as long as I can remember, and of James Ernest since I learned enough to know I should care. Aside from the low price, I legitimately enjoy the simple aesthetic of these games.

Devil Bunny Needs a Ham was always one of the simplest and most ridiculous of their games. The campaign video above, really leans into the cartooning nature of the character, but the original CAG description is a fast read too: 

“You are a cadre of wily sous-chefs, trying to scale a very tall building. Devil Bunny is enthusiastically preventing you from reaching the top because he needs a ham, and because he erroneously believes that this will help him. “

On the campaign page for the second (brand new) game in this campaign, Devil Bunny Versus The Entire Galaxy, Greater Than Games reminds us that “Devil Bunny doesn’t just have a ham hankerin’, though, oh no. He’s also a collector of butterflies (and apparently also cowboy hats, combs, and other items we don’t need to get into here)! And what happens when he completes his collection? Well that’s the end, isn’t it? It’s complete! Why keep going on if it’s already complete? The universe and the galaxy and all that you know and love come to a total and complete end!”

The pledge levels all include The Hare-Raising Tales of Devil Bunny, a 44 page book with historic and new comics, pictures, and stories, about Devil Bunny over the past 25 years. For $19 (USD) you also get your choice of either Devil Bunny Needs a Ham or Devil Bunny Versus The Entire Galaxy. For $39 you get both games and the book in a special slip-case.

There are no stretch goals currently listed, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some after funding. There are shipping estimates listed up front, which is always great.

I’m super excited for this!! I’m actually a bit surprised at just HOW excited I am for it. Devil Bunny is back, be afraid, but be a backer!

You can back the Devil Bunnies Games on Kickstarter until Dec 9, 2021.

Until the Core Rulebook comes out, you can find out more about Greater Than Games online at or on Facebook at

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