Red Flags (Dark Red Flags deck)

Welcome back to Skybound Saturday in the Rat Hole. This month, we will be looking at another expansion for Skybound Games’ second hit party game, Red Flags. If you have never played Red Flags before, a good place to start would be our review of the Core Game. This month, we’ll be looking at the Dark Red Flags expansion.

A few time in the past few Skybound Games’ reviews, I’ve mentioned the concept of a semi-standalone expansion deck. An expansion that could, in theory, be used to play the game in question on a very small scale. Dark Red Flags is NOT that.

The game Red Flags uses two types of cards. White cards, called “perks”, that represent the positive attributes a player uses to create a perfect date for that round’s Bachelor(ette), and red cards that represent a negative “red flag” and are played on the other player’s suiter. The Dark Red Flags expansion contains only red cards. The Dark refers not only to the darker hue of red in the ink, but also the tone of the cards. They take an already PG-13 game down some very weird rabbit holes.

It’s an age-old tale really. You’re single, you go out, you find someone you think is ideal. Then POW you find out they plan to sell one of your organs every time you fall asleep, or worse yet they murdered your whole family! Maybe it’s not so bad, and just have a unique side-job. Like a being a hooker taxidermist or a clown pimp. Wait, what? Those are just some of the cards in this set, and some of the few I’m willing to post on our largely-family-friendy website.

There are a number of cards that are just a little too weird and a little too offensive, but that’s the point. The box flat out admits that the 75 cards in the deck are “horribly offensive”. I’m not really sure that anyone went out of their way to make them offensive, but sure as **** no one held back on it either.

If you are planning to play Red Flags in any sort of public place, or anywhere children might be listening in, maybe leave this particular expansion at home. If you are playing in an environment that is strictly adult, go nuts! If the thing you already love about Red Flags is that it gets a bit weird, then you are going to absolutely LOVE this expansion.

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