#DAGA2020 – Thank You!

So. This is a thing that happened.

Let me back up just a hair. The Design and Game Awards were scheduled to be awarded from the Metro Cinema mainstage on April 30, 2020. Then along came the apocalypse, and it had to be canceled.

Plan B. Direct-Play then arranged to livestream the awards ceremony, including the announcement video in this post, still from Metro Cinema. Less than 24 hours before the livestream, Plan B was no longer able to be an option.

Plan C. Direct-Play COULD have still livestreamed from somewhere else, like the Pawn & Pixel studio, but having to scale back the grandeur that much would be a disservice to the viewers, the nominees, and the winners. So the decision was quickly made to announce the winners, once per night, on social media via YouTube. There will be a physical presentation of the awards planned for the future, when we can gather once again.

This is important, because the Design and Game Awards are more than a piece of marble on the shelf. It’s about bringing the gaming community together to celebrate our individual and collective achievements. The digital gamers and the analog gamers, together as one unified community.


When it was announced that I was a nominee for the Community Member of the Year, I was shocked. I’m still shocked. Of course Game of the Year, and Best Analog/Digital Game are the high profile categories. But to me the Strive for Impact and Community Member of the Year awards are the most important ones. These are people and organizations that do so much more than I do. As cliche as it is to say “It’s an honour just to be nominated.” But it’s true.

I’m just a face. The things I do I can’t do alone. The gaming industry is an eco system. Without the event organizers and publishers, I have nothing to do. Even other content creators, like The Cardboard Kid , aren’t “my competition” unless they are sitting across the gaming table from me. We all need to work together, because together we all get better.

Thank you to my my staff. My Team. My Family. My fellow Rats.

Brent, who joined me on this journey since close to day 1.

Debra, whose hard work has pulled my tail out of the fire many a time, and whose content is consistently some of our best.

Jaymz, whose painting videos show off a skill set that I will never have.

All my guest contributors like Trish and Tony, who I hope will stay with me for a long time to come.

I also need to thank Katrina, from Geekorama.net, whose trust and guidance started me down this amazing path.

Most importantly, thank you to our community.

Below are the videos announcing all the winners. When this thank you goes live, the list won’t be complete, but I’ll update the later winners. Check out the work of all the winners, and also of the nominees. See what wonders the creative minds of Alberta hold.

Design and Game Awards 2020 – Best Analog Game
Design and Game Awards 2020 – Best Student Game
Design and Game Awards 2020 – Best Art Direction
Design and Game Awards 2020 – Strive for Impact
Design and Game Awards 2020 – Community Member of the Year
Design and Game Awards 2020 – Best Narrative
Design and Game Awards 2020 – Content Creator of the Year
Design and Game Awards 2020 – Best Innovation
Design and Game Awards 2020 – Design and Game Jam Game
Design and Game Awards 2020 – Best Digital Game
Design and Game Awards 2020 – Game of the Year