Cult of the Deep (Kickstarter)

Last week we did a fairly in-depth CrowFUNding Preview PREVIEW on Cult of the Deep, so I won’t go into as much detail on the gameplay as I often do in these Spotlights. But in short, it’s a hidden role game, where all the players are members of a cult. It fixes many of the problems I personally have with the genre and am super excited to the world opening up so I can properly play it with friends. I can’t stress this point enough: it’s been a hella long time since I’ve actively wanted to play a hidden role game, and even longer since the prospect has excited me.

What you get in the box is velvety bags for the different coin types and life tokens; cardboard coins and life tokens (that can be upgrades to metal and acrylic, respectively); dual-layered cardboard alter boards (that can be upgraded to a playmat, also with inset holes for the ritual markers); three types of custom dice; and tarot-sized cards for Roles, Characters, Rituals, etc.

I was not the first reviewer to handle the protoype copy I received, and all the components were still in exceptional condition after an unknown number of plays before me. Most of the components were the standard version, but it also included some of the metal coins, so I can say first hand that they are very nice.

The pledge levels start at only $5 (USD) for a digital art book and fiction book that are also included in all the other pledge levels. The real goodies start at $35 for the base game, $60 to add the upgraded life tokens and coins, or $90 to also add a leather dice tray and neoprene playmant on top of that. All the things in those higher pledges are also available as standalone add-ons, as are a set of Kickstarter exclusive dice.

Unexpected delays are always a possibility with crowdfunding campaigns, but from the state of the prototype I received, I would be surprised to see B.A. Games not make their Dec 2021 fulfilment goal. Honestly, I’d be more surprised if it doesn’t wrap up early. But anything can happen, and this is worth the wait either way.

You can back Cult of the Deep on Kickstarter until March 2, 2021.

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