Cult Following: The Expansions (Kickstarter)

So yesterday I posted a review on Cult Following, a game I’ve sadly delayed reviewing for much too long. You should take a few minutes to read that review if you haven’t already done so.

After selling out the entire first print run of Cult Following, and sales of the second printing moving at a brisk pace, the fine folks at Bravely Told Games are ready to bring you a pair of amazing expansions.

First up is The Cult Classics expansion, this one is full of ideas from “traditional belief systems”. Basically, it’s snippets of strongly held convictions from before the 21st century. Some of the examples they give include:

-10% of your income
-It was good
-One of you will betray me
-Symbolic cannibalism
-Two of every animal
-Cutting things in half

So not fully formed commandments, just little bits that may, or may not, be recognizable outside the context of their full texts.

The second expansion is NSFW or Not Safe For Worship. This expansion features ideas for more “mature” players, it’s full of dark and unseemly questions to ask your cults. While are the cards in this set are things you could potentially play with your mom in the room and not be completely mortified, they are still recommended for players over 18. (I put “mature” in quotation marks because being an adult does not necessarily make you mature, so pfffffffft. 😛 ) Some of the examples from this set include:

-How will your cult change when one of you finally gets laid?
-Explain your secret plan to seduce the leader of the cult on your right.
-Describe the creepy text message you received from the cultist on your left.
-What would you expect to find in the browser history of the cult on your right?
-Why do you suspect the cultists on your left are compensating for something?
-What’s your cult’s “missionary position”?

Each of the two expansions are currently planned for 75 cards each. The NSFW set is made up of entirely question cards. So there is nothing technically explicit in them. The “creepy text message you received from the cultist on your left” might just be that they really want to visit a cat cafe, but you are a dog person. The Cult Classics, on the other hand, is mostly (but not exclusively) Sign cards to develop your individual cult. All the stretch goals announced so far have been to increase the size of the two decks, and from the rate of pledges coming in over the first 24 hours, odds are good they will all, or mostly, be met.

Several limited pledge levels are already sold out, but for $18(CAD) you can get either one of the expansions, or $30 for both. $65 gets you both, plus the core game (if you don’t already have it), and $150 gets you autographed copies of everything hand-delivered (within the Greater Vancouver area. (Vancouver, BC. Not Vancouver, Washington) If you are in Canada or the US, the shipping cost is even included!

The main game is great, and I have zero doubt in my mind that these expansions will be just as amazing. They already have some neat ideas for future expansions including thing like anime, geek, and Shakespeare (that they seem to think only Tom wants). You can even help them out by sending in CARD IDEAS. I’m planning to send in “Words. Words. Words.” “Double Double” “Pursued by a bear” and maybe a few more, just to prove Tom is wise and good. (added bonus is that Double Double has both a Canadian meaning and a Shakespearian meaning)

You can back Cult Following: The Expansions on Kickstarter until June 6, 2018.

You can find Bravely Told Games online at or as well as on Facebook at