Coyote & Crow (Kickstarter)

If I had to distil the world they are creating down to a broad pop-culture simile, I would call it a First Nations Wakanda. But that description doesn’t do it anywhere close to justice. More accurately, the game exists in an alternate future where the colonization of the Americas never happened and the people indigenous to this land were able to grow, and thrive, without interference. The game picks up nearly a millennia after a major climate crisis nearly wiped out the earth. The planet is healing and new nations have arisen. Even as new technologies develop the legends of old are asserting themselves more strongly. What was once only story, now seems to be reality.

The system is an original d12 system based on building and rolling a dice pool to determine successes. When you build your character you’ll choose one and Archetype and Path for your character. These create a skeleton without significantly limiting how that character fleshes out or how their legend grows.

Pledge levels start at $20 (USD) for the PDF version of the game or $50 to also get the hardcover edition. There is a second $50 level for the PDF but you may choose a reservation library to receive the hardcover with no shipping costs to the backer. For $100 you also get a second physical copy, one for yourself (backer pays the shipping) plus a donated copy (no additional shipping). $160 adds on a digital package for the Roll20 online platform, which can also be backed alone for $60 (or add $60 to any pledge to add it after.)

The game is created and led by a team of Native Americans representing more than a dozen tribes (including several here in Canada) but the plan was always to create a game that would appeal to players of all backgrounds. Since the campaign funded in only 45 minutes, I’d say they have most definitely succeeded in doing just that. They have had a bit of a challenge keeping pace as they blow past the posted stretch goals (a rough problem to have, right?) but as you look through the FAQs and Comments, you’ll find some exciting plans for the future peppered throughout.

You can back Coyote & Crow on Kickstarter until March 31, 2021.

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