Candy Wars (Kickstarter)

If there has to be war, let it be sweet.” Aaannnnnnndd I’m in. What’s it’s about? Not going to lie, by the time I got to the line “It’s called Karma and it tastes like donuts” I almost didn’t care what it’s about.

But you, our readers, would probably like to know. In short, do you remember the big Candyland race in Wreck-it Ralph? Substitute bazookas for the cars and you’re getting close. Ok, not really. But it does have that over-the-top Candyland style and where Disney used 3D animation, Four Fun Games has 3D minis and a 3D board. Yes, a 3D BOARD! 

In different scenarios and over the course of the campaign mode, the tile board layout will change. But rather than just being at table-level you may get a second, third, even a sixth towering level to play on. The game includes multiple interconnecting structures that provide way more terrain options for players to interact with.

 The game can be played as a solo campaign or cooperative campaign against the goblin-esque Gluttons, or Conquest mode which pits Gnome clan against Gnome clan in an entirely different sort of campaign.

The rulebook still in progress, which is a VERY good thing. There very much seem like there is some important mechanical information missing from it right now. If I had my druthers, I would split it into a rulebook and two separate campaign books. It’s possible that some of the rules I was looking for are totally there. But the current beta copy of the rules is sitting at 70 pages that I just didn’t have time to read in full before writing this Spotlight. (Deadlines, yay.) Now, those 70 pages do include both campaigns, for a total of 24 two-page scenarios, filling up more than 2/3 of the book.  

There is only one pledge level. $69 (USD) for the game and any stretch goals, and if you are fast you might still be able to snag an extra Early Bird hero, the eyepatch-wearing bad@$$ Sammy.

I can’t imagine where the inspiration for Sammy came from, nope nope. Same goes for the dreadlocked Marley. The inspiration behind all the gnomes isn’t so obvious, but what is obvious is that they an exceptionally diverse group, each with a unique backstory, look, and physical gifts. I look forward to seeing how that character mix changes with the stretch goals.

The rulebook is a bit concerning, but overall this looks like solid game. Four Fun Games is a project of Creative Games Studio, meaning this isn’t some new kid on the block’s first game. I have confidence that the final project will be stellar.

You can back Candy Wars on Kickstarter until March 10, 2021.

Four Fun Games can be found online at and on Facebook at