Campy Creatures: Expansion I & Second Edition (Kickstarter)

If you read yesterday’s review of Campy Creatures, you’ll understand why I’m so excited for this Kickstarter Campaign, and why I’m not alone. This campaign funded in about two hours, and a day later they are already over 300% funded and clicking away at stretch goals.

Since this is effectively two campaigns in one, let’s start by looking at Expansion I.

Expansion I brings a few things into the mix, first off it brings four new creatures. The original Campy Creatures gave players monsters number 0-8 and a second monster numbered 2, The Demogorgon. A player could choose to play with the standard 2, The Invisible Man, or with The Demogorgon, but not both. The new monsters work the same way. The Tarantula, The Man-Eating Plant, The Rogue Robot, and The Monster, Allow players to swap out the existing 3, 4 5, and 6 if they wish. The rules have been updated to have players keep identical hands or “chaotically” by letting players select the makeup of their own hand for the game (or even for each round).

Expansion I also add two new Mortal types to the game. The Angry Mob and The Instigator. The Angry Mob is worth negative points and attracts any Angry Mobs from adjacent players, while The Instigator is worth no points and attracts all Angry Mobs in play.

Also included in Expansion I are three Location cards, which I’ll discuss in a moment.

The second part of the campaign focuses on the Second Edition of Campy Creatures. With the first edition nearly sold out, the game is getting some very cool upgrades, Starting with a new mortal, The Assistant, and Locations. A new location is revealed each round and can change how points are distributed, or other neat things, when they are won.

I admit to being a touch confused by how the Assistant cards are integrated into the game. If I’m reading the new rules right, a number of Assistants are added to the Mortals deck each round. Players who capture an assistant keep them for the rest of the game; if an Assistant escapes at the end of a round (one mortal always does) they are discarded, with new assistants being added into the Mortal deck for the new round to keep the numbers balanced. I’m sure it will all be clarified before the release next summer.

The Second edition will also have a bigger Clash-o-Meter board, with more room on the scoring track and space for Locations. With the bigger board comes a bigger box that “will fit both the base game and future expansions”. Future Expansions. I love those words so much.

For those of us who already have the First Edition, when you back the expansion on its own you will also get a free conversion kit with all the second edition cards. The downside is you won’t get any of the other Second Edition perks like the new board, bigger box, or any of the Second Edition stretch goals which make up 2/3 of the currently announced goals. But that’s a decision you need to make as an individual backer.

Pledge levels for the campaign are exceptionally affordable.

$13 (USD) gets you Expansion I and the conversion kit, $25 gets you a full copy of the Second Edition alone, with $35 getting you a full copy of the Second Edition and Expansion I together. $50 gets you a special, Kickstarter Exclusive, Spooky Edition of the game. With all the stuff plus a few special treats, in a numbered glow-in-the-dark box. Shipping always sucks, but I appreciate that Keymaster Games has done this enough to quote shipping rates.

I’ve already backed this one, and I don’t think you’ll regret doing the same.

You can back Campy Creatures: Expansion I & Second Edition on Kickstarter until November 2, 2018.

You can find Keymaster Games online at or on their Facebook page,

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