Calara (Kickstarter)

It’s a mia, Gordub! 

Calara is a 1 versus 1 card game that has Gordub trying to rescue (or possibly kidnap) the Princess from the big, green, Xobok; who either kidnapped her or are protecting her from getting kidnapped by Gordub. We aren’t sure which one it is, and if this didn’t somehow start as a Mario fanfic I’ll eat a Goomba.

But seriously, In Calara one player is Gordub the other is the Xobok. Regardless of his motivations, Gordub wants the Princess and the Xobok has her. The gameplay itself is so simple to learn that I’m not even going to paraphrase it. Here it is, complete from the campaign page:

Xobok starts the action and plays a card. Gordub has to counter with an appropriate card. If Gordub can’t counter they lose a heart.

If Gordub runs out of hearts, Xobok gets a princess card. If Gordub survives the round with at least 1 heart then they get a princess card. The first player with 2 princess cards wins.

Is it really that simple though? What about the bonus cards? Purchase the game to find out what kind of wrenches those can throw in everyone’s plan!

That’s all of it, it’s simple and the prototype cards have obvious art and are completely language-independent, so just about anyone should be able to play!

There is currently only one stretch goal, for a “role reversal” deck, which is exactly how it sounds. Same concept, but the Xobok are now trying to get the Princess from Gordub. Backers would have to choose between the decks or back two copies to get both. There is always the potential that Imagine Beyond Games could add a pledge level for both once it unlocks, but it’s safest to assume not and just double your pledge.

As far as the pledge levels go, they start at €5 for a PDF of the story behind Calara, and the feud between Gordub and the Xobok. €15 gets a single copy of Calara and €30 gets you a copy and helps Imagine Beyond send a copy to a reviewer. (I might know a few. Just sayin’). There is also a €20 option for a t-shirt and a €150 retail pledge.

An important note is that the shirt ships “anywhere in the world” but the games ship to “only to certain countries.” As of now, they don’t appear to have a Canadian shipping option, but US shipping is an option (and a cheap one).

This is Imagine Beyond Games’ first Kickstarter, but the game is apparently complete and will be sold as print-on-demand by Game Crafters. This campaign is literally to help fund marketing and to get this game into the hands of reviewers. There isn’t a card count listed, so it’s hard to know if this is a “good value” for your crowdfunding dollars. But it is also not unreasonably priced in general.

You can back Calara on Kickstarter until May 24, 2020.

You can learn more about Imagine Beyond Games online at or on Facebook at