Breachstorm (Kickstarter)

I’ve never been a huge player of miniatures games. Mostly due to the time, effort and expense, required to get into the game. assembling and painting models are not my passion, I’ve had other people do those things, but that still adds to the expense of the game. When I was younger I played games like Heroclix and the original MageKnight, because I didn’t need to do those things. That being said, I enjoy occasionally playing tactical miniature games, and very much appreciate the skills and dedication of regular players.

With The Rat Hole branching out to add our Slinging Paint video series, I’ve been paying a bit more attention to games like Breachstorm. The artwork depicting the characters and their world is gorgeous. It drew me, as a non-minis player in to look in more detail. The (beta) core rules are reasonably simple and easily expanded on for specific factions/miniatures. I’m probably not going to need to but a whole new rulebook just to play a set of models, and I appreciate that. I’m also a huge fan of the terrain templates they have. The terrain is a huge component of games like this, and can honestly be a perceived barrier to new players. By using 2D terrain templates (in carboard or deluxe neoprene) the creators have removed that barrier without just removing the terrain, and without saying you can’t also use 3D terrain as well.

The miniatures do require assembly, which is honestly a dealbreaker for me personally. But there are many players I know that love doing the assembly, and there are huge advantages on the manufacturing/shipping side of things to doing it this way. While they are (obviously) also unpainted, they are made with coloured resin to match their factions, meaning once you assemble them you could reasonable play with them unpainted. There are several painting videos and reviews on the Kickstarter who are infinetly more qualified to talk about this part than I am. I haven’t had the time to watch them yet, but I’m excited to do so.

The initial release has two factions, the Zhren’thrar Pride and the Homeworld Confederacy, with another two factions set as future stretch goals, the Ativari Conclave and the Volucrid Host. Within two days the campaign was sitting over 90% funded so it’s completely realistic to assume they will make those goals before the end of the campaign.

This sort of game is expensive to manufacture, so the buy in isn’t particularly low, but in context of this sort of game it’s also not unreasonably high. $60 (USD) gets you the core set for a single faction, including seven minitures and their associated cards, tokens, etc. $110 gets you the two-player core set that includes both starting factions core sets with their stuff, a set of punchboard terrain templates, dice, markers, etc. Everything you need for two players to get going, with more stuff at a lower cost than two of the $60 level pledges. The $280 and $480 levels add a bunch of extra upgrades for your main factions(s) and upgraded tokens and terrain. There’s also a $1000 level that lets you help design a future unit, and gets you all the stuff, and there’s a small $30 Retailer pledge to get brick and mortar stores into the distibution process.

I shot this campaign over to Jaymz, host of Slinging Paint, and he loved what he saw. If someone had an assembled set, I’d definetly play it, since the gameplay looks like a blast!

If you are into miniatures games, you are bound to love this. If you aren’t a fan of prepping minis, find someone who is so you can play this.

You can back Breachstorm on Kickstarter until October 22, 2018.

YOu can find out more info online at or in their Facebook page,

You can also still access the beta version of the rules, and some print-and-play resources, online at