Ankh (Kickstarter)

Based on my own experience in RPGs and video games, becoming a God would be the ultimate goal, and in fact the highest achievement you could possibly reach. After all, once you become an all powerful diety, what else is there left to do? According to Eric M. Lang, the creator of Ankh: Gods of Egypt, you fight for you very existence against other Gods in a world where belief is in short supply.

Ankh is a “sequel” of a sorts to Lang’s previous combat/territory control games, Blood Rage and Rising Sun, which are based on the Viking and Japanese cultures respectively. But Ankh takes things to another level by having the players be true Gods, with divine powers that actually match Egyptian mythology. For example, Anubis, God of the Dead, becomes more powerful when other players’ followers die. As a nod to Egypt’s real life slide from pantheon worship to monotheism, in multiplayer games there is a point where 2 gods combine into one. Another cool twist is the fact that, even though you can fight for control of territory, temples, and monuments, the resource you need to survive is belief (in the game it is called Devotion). If you don’t have enough devotion by a certain stage of the game, your God will cease to exist. In fact, if no one passes the devotion threshold, the game can end in an Everyone Loses scenario. According to Lang “if I can’t win, no one will” is a perfectly valid strategy.

There is only one pledge level, which is for $100USD. I say one, but it is technically two, because you can order your game in English or French, which in my humble opinion is pretty cool. Normally I would consider paying over a hundred dollars for a board game to be ridiculously high. But what you get for your pledge money is amazing: multiple playing boards, full color battle cards, a scenario book, and over 50 highly detailed paintable miniatures (the largest being an astounding 120mm). Pledgers also have the opportunity to buy a full color art book for $25USD.

The only difficulty with this campaign is the shipping. In order to make international shipping easier, the publisher (CMON) will be shipping from multiple locations including Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Singapore and the USA. Despite this, they don’t actually tell you how much shipping will be. The best they can do is give an estimated range, for example “$20 to $42” for Canada. Another important thing to remember is that, even though you can pledge using your credit card, shipping is via PayPal only. So if you you avoid using PayPal for one reason or another, be aware of this.

You can pledge on this campaign until May 4th.

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