5th Evolution (Kickstarter)

5th Evolution (5Evo) is a project by Limitless Adventure to adapt the 5th edition rules for Dungeons & Dragons into other genres (under the Open Gaming Licence). It’s NOT a standalone game, you still need access to the DnD 5E Core Rulebook, or a¬†System Reference Document, in order to play.

Each of the three 5Evo books is split into three sections. First, a short comic to introduce the story, world, and timeline that’s being presented. The second section is a standalone adventure that picks up at the end of the comic, complete with pre-generated characters and ideas to create your own continuation of the story. The last section is the Source Guide to give the GM everything they need to create and run more adventures in that specific setting. More monsters, more equipment, and more ideas.

The first book is World War II blended with various supernatural element. It takes place in 1942 North Africa, with the players taking command of an M5A1 Stuart tank. The second book, Super Heroes, a classic big city battle between super-powered heroes and villains. The third book is 80s Horror Films, where you get to be a teenager heading to a party in the woods (what could go wrong?).

The pledge levels on this are exceptionally reasonable, and delivery of the rewards are extremely well planned. For only $15 (USD) you get all three books as a PDF, sent in August. For $30 you get PDFs and Softcover editions of all three, sent in either September, October, or November, depending on your choice. Since these books aren’t even close to Limitless Adventure’s first publication, You can get their entire catalog in PDF for $100 or add print copies of the 5Evo books at $125, both shipping in September.

There’s no real indication of how long each book will be, other than “short” and pointing out that these aren’t intended to be a standalone product. But the price is very reasonable, and the company has put out some interesting products in the past (that you can check out on their¬†website, below). So it has a ton of potential to be amazing.

You can back 5th Evolution on Kickstarter until June 28, 2018.

You can find Limitless Adventures online at https://www.limitless-adventures.com or 5thevolution.com as well as on Facebook at facebook.com/Limitless2016.