Warren Wars (Kickstarter)

I’m innocently scrolling through my social media feed when I see “Warren Wars: Living on Burrowed Time”. *blink blink* Does that say… It does… “Burrowed Time” that’s awful. Seriously, I hate you guys already.
*Proceeds to click check out the campaign page for more glorious puns*

Warren Wars is a game about cute, cuddly, bunnies, and screwing your friends. It looks like a great little filler game, with a two player game only running 5-10 minutes, and a four player game in under 20 minutes.

Each player starts with a hand of five cards, two Carrots already in play, and one of ten random General cards. This General is the bunny who will lead your furry forces into the future.

On a player’s turn, they will draw a card then play card. Most cards are free to play, but in order to play recruits, you need to have enough Carrots in play to feed them. If you lose carrots, and can’t feed all your recruits, some of them will just leave you. Bunnies have no loyalty.

It’s not a big, heavy, complex, game. It’s fast, fun, and full of puns. What more could you ask?

I guess you could ask about Pledge Levels. That would make a certain amount of sense. £15 gets you a single copy of the game. £25 adds 5 signed postcards of the artwork. £30 gives you two copies of the game. £50 gets you two games, the postcards, plus a unique General card featuring you along with a digital copy of your portrait. The stretch goals are so far simple. First a Kickstarter exclusive bonus card, then a Movie Theme expansion with 36 new cards, and allows you to have six players instead of only four.

Shipping costs are quoted up front, which is always nice to see, and while shipping outside the UK isn’t “cheap” it’s comparatively reasonable.

You can back Warren Wars: Living on Burrowed Time on Kickstarter until March 24, 2019.

You can find ASK Games on Facebook at facebook.com/warrenwarsgame.