Village Pillage (Kickstarter)

Sometimes you write up a glorious CrowdFUNding Spotlight on a game you are truly looking forward to, and when you go to post it, you discover that the publisher was actually paying attention and decided to reevaluate the project based on the feedback they received. Since our CrowdFUNding Spotlights were never really intended to be an absolutely-every-week that could have, and probably should have, been the end of my day. I’ve always said I would only do these when a campaign catches my eye, and as I went to close out of Kickstart, the three little words “Loot Thy Neighbor” caught my eye, followed by “Kickstarter-exclusive wooden turnips”. Alright, fine. Whatcha got?

The answer was Village Pillage from Jellybean Games, a fast, furious, game full of turnips and terror. Actually, there isn’t very much “terror” per say, I just like alliteration. Always.

In Village Pillage you run a quiet, happy, village. Everything is great except those other villages. Those villages suck and you could obviously run them better, so why not start a Kingdom?

The game starts with everyone having four identical cards in their hand. A Farmer (who gains turnips), a Wall (who protects turnips), a Raider (who steals turnips), and a Merchant (who buys things with turnips). Forget coins, forget crypto-currency, a turnip-based economy is where it’s at. Each player selects two cards from their hand and places one face down on either side of them. All the players then reveal their cards, and they are resolved in the order I just gave you. What exactly a card does, depends on what card the other player revealed. In the case of a tie between effects, flip a chicken. (No coins, remember?)

As you gain turnips, your Merchant can spend them to hire more villagers into your hand. While these other villagers are all very different from your starting cards, they are all still clearly labeled in one of the same four categories. Your Merchants can also purchase relics, with each relic costing more than the previous one, and when a player has acquired three relics they will be crowned as Ruler.

Even though you can only play cards on the players directly to either side of you, table talk is both allowed and encouraged. You can create, and break, whatever alliances you want.

The pledge levels are simple. $19 (USD) gets you a single copy of the game plus the stretch goals. That’s it. Shipping prices are all listed, If you want extra copies of the game or one of Jellybean Games’ previous games, they can be added on for $23 with no additional shipping. Simple.

So far every Kickstarter backer also gets a set of wooden turnip tokens, a chicken token (because again, there are no coins to flip), and new KS exclusive character cards are being added as more stretch goals get passed.

Behold the unlocked stretch goal glory that is the punchboard chicken token. (There are a lot of comments about wanting a better-than-cardboard version. So fingers crossed for an upgrade/add-on.)

When I first looked at this campaign, I didn’t think much of it beyond the cool hook that drew me in. But the more I look into this thing, the more I want to play it! It’s not an expensive buy-in and seems like a great little filler game. I’m actually quite excited to see where this campaign goes.

So far they’ve even turned the campaign into a game, where YOU can vote for The Ultimate Pillager! Declare your loyalty to #teambeet, #teamturnip, #teamradish, or the underdog: #teamrutabaga! (As a pun-loving quidditch player, how can I not root for #teambeet?). Go check out the updates section of the campaign to play along.

You can back Village Pillage on Kickstarter until May 10, 2018.

You can find Jellybean Games online at or on Facebook at

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