Trouble in Templetown (Kickstarter)

It is said that your body is a temple. In the case of Stanley Hasselhoff, his body is a TempleTOWN. Unfortunately for Stanley, his body is full of parasites and viruses. It’s up to the players, as White Cell Super Agents, to fight off the evil infection of Frankie Bola, and SAVE THE DAY! Oh, and Stanley, you should also save Stanley.

Trouble in Templetown is a territory control game with semi-cooperative, cooperative, and solo modes of play. Players need to defend the city of Templetown from the continuous waves of enemies. Think Pandemic, if the whole game took place inside Fry during that episode of Futurama. This game funded in 72 minutes and hit 200% funded in under 24 hours. 2Fat2Fly Games’ first game, Moonshiners of the Apocalypse, hit 400% in 48 hours, so it will be interesting to see how this campaign shakes out. As I write this, they’ve already unlocked every revealed stretch goal so it’s exciting.

There are only two pledge levels, $59 (USD) for the Standard Edition, and $69 for the Deluxe Edition. The Standard edition comes with a ton of stuff, and the Deluxe edition adds a miniature of each hero, 32 Goal cards, acrylic gems, and a cloth bag for tokens. With only $10 separating the two editions, there is virtually no reason to not to go deluxe. Even the shipping estimates are not outrageous.

This is 2Fat2Fly Games’ second campaign. They are based in Romania, and Kickstarter made them jump through some extra hoops to prove the first campaign was actually about to ship. The fact that this campaign is live, shows that not only are they delivering, but they are also even doing it on schedule. This is a great deal, looks like a great game, and seems to be a reasonably low-risk campaign.

You can back Trouble in Templetown on Kickstarter until July 1, 2019.

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