Trampoline Zombies

Here’s the schtick. Trampoline parks are great fun, right? Well, they’re less fun if you’re a zombie and you keep losing body parts.

Trampoline Zombies is a cute little push your luck game, aimed at younger players, from Twilight Creations Inc. In it, you’ll be rolling five dice trying to match pairs of dice assigned to each missing body part.

Each player starts by picking two numbered tokens and assigning them to one of five body parts (head and your left or right arm and leg). Players go around the table until all the severed limbs have dice tokens assigned to them.

From there the first player rolls all five dice, and if they roll any of the numbers combinations, they may take a facedown card for that body part. If they roll more than one combination, they can only pick one of them. Then they can choose to roll again or pass the dice to the next player. The trick here is that if a player ever fails to roll at least one of their chosen combinations, they lose any facedown cards they may have. If they pass the dice on, they may flip one of their cards faceup, locking it in place, or leave it facedown to reveal and use its special ability later. Play continues until one player has gained all their body parts, at which time the other players get one more turn before points are totaled.

It’s a pretty simple game. That’s all there is to it.

This isn’t a game I’d pull out for most groups. Even as a light filler game, its a bit too light. But as a game for younger players, most definitely excels. Gameplay is simple, and the art is delightfully kid friendly. These zombies make Plants vs Zombies look like The Walking Dead, and I LOVE that. I have always preferred campy over gory, and this plays right into that for me.

I wish I had more to say about this game. Unfortunately, there just isn’t much here to talk about, as an adult. But this is a great game to introduce kids to the entertainment value of a zombie.

You can find more about Twilight Creations Inc (and possibly a zombie or two) online at or on Facebook at