The Gate of R’lyeh (Kickstarter)

A number of months ago I was lucky enough to review Psychological Warfare, from DPH Games. It was a fun and quirky game, so I was excited to come across DPH Games’ newest Kickstarter campaign, The Gate of R’lyeh. This won’t be a long Spotlight, but it’s a game, and a company, that deserves a mention.

From the title of the game, many of you will have already realized this game is based on the universe of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. For those who don’t know who he is, Lovecraft was one of the fathers of modern horror. The mythos and pantheon of gods and monsters that flowed from the combined pens of himself and his compatriots, continues to inspire creators in all mediums.

The Gate of R’lyeh is a hidden role game, with some of the players being investigators and some of the players being cultists. The investigators are trying to trigger four different incantations to seal the gate holding Cthulhu in his eternal prison. The cultists are, obviously, trying to prevent this. But the cultists aren’t the main enemy of the game, the clock is. If the investigators can’t succeed in time, the cultists win. In fact, a revealed cultist isn’t even out of the game. They continue to play and cause problems, but their actions are no longer hidden from the remaining players. On the one hand, this makes that play much weaker, but since the other cultists don’t actually know who each other are until each of them is revealed, they start to be able to work together more effectively at that point.

I’m not a tremendous fan of hidden role games, but I know plenty of people who are. Even at that, this seems like a really great game if you are one of those people.

The campaign has some neat pledge levels, starting at only $6 (USD) you can get a second smaller “pocket” game called Agent 299, that is included with all the higher pledges as well. The base game level runs $39, and there was a limited edition set that replaced the regular flat cardboard Sigil tokens with beautiful standing glass ones (but it’s sold out). As well, most of the DPH Games previous catalog of games are available to purchase as an add-on (at below retail prices).

You can back The Gate of R’lyeh on Kickstarter until April 28, 2018.

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