Storytime with Dick

Okay kids, are you ready for a story? Are you sure? Because it might not be a great story. In fact, it’s sure to be a very different story at the end than at the beginning, because thanks Richard. What a Dick.

That’s more or less how Storytime With Dick rolls, literally. The game is based on the webcomic Looking For Group, and more specifically, the character of Richard: Cheif Warlock of the Brothers of Darkness. Richard is not nice, and each round one player gets to be a Richard to everyone else.

Here’s the setup, all the players roll one of the story dice, the first player to roll the Richard (Dick) icon becomes the Dick. The player next to the Dick deals out four Plot Cards to each player, as well as three cards face up in the middle of the table (called the Dick Flop) that any player can attempt to score. That player then rolls all nine Storytelling Dice, setting aside any Richard icon for the Dick to use later. The active Storyteller compares the dice they rolled with the cards in their hand and in the Dick Flop and tells a story based on the icons showing on the dice which hopefully match the icons on one of the cards. The Dick then gets to interfere with the story by using the Dick icons to remove elements of the story. While you can allow the Storyteller to finish weaving their tale, we preferred to just interrupt the story with horrible consequences.

However the Dick chooses to interfere, when the story has been told and responded to the Storyteller can score a card using the surviving dice, or discard a card to reroll all the non-Dick dice to continue the story (and again turning over any Richard icons to the Dick). This continues until the Storyteller can, can’t, or chooses not to, score a Plot Card. Play continues around the table until a player manages to get four Plot Cards, at which point the scores are tallied and the winner decided. The exception is if a player scores the Dickzilla card, requiring six Richard icons, which is such a dickish roll that it automatically wins the game.

Overall, the game is fairly simple. The harder the dice roll is to achieve, the more points that combination is worth if you score that card. The variations in the possible scores make it potentially possible to only score a single Plot Card and still win. For some players, that’s something that will drive them absolutely mad. But ultimately, this is a game about enjoying the process, not the final results.

I think the proper place to end this, is a quick description of the packaging. The dice have a nice plastic bag. The cards have a decent tuck box. Both fit quite nicely in a little pink purselike bag. A bag… This game is literally a bag of Dicks.

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