Star Trek: Ascendancy

A few weeks ago, Dave got to sit in with the Pawn and Pixel team for a game of Gale Force Nine’s Star Trek: Ascendancy. You can click HERE to read everyone’s thoughts, but Dave’s are below. (In Klingon and then English.)


jIchegh rav toH Sov online je Qel ‘Iv fan. ‘ach, reH ghaH, bangwI’ wa’DIch sci-fi Hov trek. loQ ngoD original mu’meyvam Customizable chaw’ Quj jIchegh wa’DIch tIn QI’yaH-Magic foray vaj gaming. QujmeH nIvbogh Hov trek Qujmey qaSchoH vaj, rut HeghDI’ chongaghpa’ muv Ascendancy Hoch neH ghel Pawn Pixel je ‘eb lutmeyvam pIj QaQ vIghaj. luq, Hem member tlhlngan Hlvwl’ ghom ‘ej i.k.v.

‘apuStoQ, pagh latlh tlhach laH wutlh jIH puS tlhInganpu’.actual chu’ mIchHom 3 x 3 ‘ach HeghDI’ factor SoH Sanmaj’e’ DawI’pu’ ghoD-, Borg ai expansion, Quj pretty nuj tInqu’ ghaj. reH 4 ‘ x 6 worth raS poHmey ‘ej yIHot ‘oH vIHtaHbogh lugh. vIHtaHbogh rep per DawI’, jIHMej je vum vIHtaHbogh nIH qet pa’ ngaSwI’ tu’lu’ ‘oH. toH, Qapbej vIHtaHbogh nIH, vaj legh “cultural yay” ‘eb hadn’t chIch qImHa’ jIH with the intention of romuluS wo’ decimating ‘ej chaHvaD wiping DoH He ‘angbogh wItlha’. Do’Ha’ jav qamDu’ across raSDaq, tlhingan Hubbeq planetary lojbe’ underestimated jIH ‘ej Quj latlh cha’ rep thanks to tlhIngan arrogance.

chotwI”e’, ‘e’ yay je Qap loD quv tlhe’ vaj qaSchugh pagh latlh nobmeH Qap pa’ vaj concede maH vabDot eligibility qawlu’ ghom chaH ghom cardassians wuq maH. andorians, cardassians, laH vIbejpu’ Qav round pagh Qap tlhInganpu’. ‘ach SuvwI’ laHmey je batlhlIj, qar jIH mejDI’ victorious ‘e’ Hon qar pagh.

until Qav ‘e’ puS rep, poH law’ puv pong DeSDu’ DaSum warp speed. vaj wej DawI’ ‘Iv bech vo’ “poj paralysis” DubelmoHchugh Quj webqu’meH nov. wej SeH Qo’ tIv je SoH, ‘ach HoSqu’mo’ Hoch latlh ghaytan SoH chot neH. ‘ach latlh puqvaD Quj mechanics Qey, toH chut lulajpu’bogh tlhach, ‘ach importantly yIHot ‘oH rur ‘op ralqu’nIStaH may’-‘ugh lut arcs. bonus lang chay’ Qongbogh chalDaq tlha’ Dat-359 DaH nobvam chaH pa’ Borg expansion.


I’m probably most well known online as a Doctor Who fan. But Star Trek is, and always will be, my first sci-fi love. In fact, the original TNG Customizable Card Game was probably my first big non-Magic foray into gaming. I haven’t often had the opportunity to play a lot of Star Trek games since then, so when Pawn & Pixel asked me to join in on Ascendancy I was all in. Of course, being a proud member of KAG and the I.K.V. Swifthawk, I could choose no other faction than my Klingons.

The actual play area is 3×3 but when you factor in space for the player’s stuff, plus the Borg AI expansion, this game is pretty huge. We played on 4’x6′ worth of table space and it felt about right. It’s supposed to run about an hour per player, which also worked out about right. Well, it WOULD HAVE worked out about right, if I hadn’t intentionally disregarded my chance at a “cultural victory” with the intention of decimating the Romulan Empire and wiping them off the map. Unfortunately, being six feet across the table, I underestimated their planetary defence powers and the game went another two hours thanks to my Klingon arrogance. In the end, we decided that the Cardassians had met the victory conditions to win as of their turn so if no one else was able to win before then we would concede even if they no longer met eligibility. That final round could have seen the Andorians, Cardassians, or Klingons win. But with a warrior’s skill and honour, there was really no doubt that I would come out victorious.

Until last that few hours, the time seemed to fly by at near warp speed. If you are a player who suffers from “analysis paralysis” please avoid this game. Not because you won’t enjoy it, but because everyone else is likely to want to murder you. But other than that the game mechanics are tight, the factions are well designed, and most importantly it FEELS like some of the more battle-heavy story arcs. Bonus points for how they included Wolf-359 in the Borg expansion.


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