Happy Holidays and Looking at 2020

Hello, friends! I know I said last week that I would post some links to non-DM’s Guild Holiday themed TTRPG accessories this week, but as this is my last post on The Rat Hole for 2019 I didn’t want to use it for that. Instead, I’ll post that list later in the week at Renaissance Gamer. [Editor’s Note- Sorry, that’s 100% my fault. I lost track of my dates and sprung this on Brent at the last minute. I’ll try to post a link to his own post when it drops. -dc]

Today, I wanted to take a moment to say thank-you. Thank-you for coming by to read my editorials, and a special thanks to anyone who has chosen to engage with me about the stuff I’ve written. Obviously I love writing about our hobby or else I would come back week after week. But it is always appreciated when someone takes a moment to comment on the work. As much as I use this editorial to suggest, pose ideas, and sometimes teach, I have learned just as much engaging with all of you. So thank you. I look forward to more of that in 2020.

I love the TTRPG hobby. Sometimes that love translates into articles about how to improve your home campaign, or suggestions on accessories I think are cool, or recipes to feed your gaming group. Sometimes that love has to take the form of sterner words than I am normally comfortable writing, which has happened a few times this year. But our hobby isn’t perfect. It’s in a better place, I think, than it has been, but we still have strides to make. There are still marginalized folx in our hobby, there are still those whose seat at the table is conditional, or doesn’t afford them the same enjoyment of the hobby as everyone else. There are also still those missing stairs in our hobby that we need to address, repair, or replace. While we strive for inclusivity, we should be wary of the predators and their apologists still among us; we cannot allow them to hide inside an otherwise positive initiative.

All that is to say, expect more stern words to come in 2020. As a cis white male, someone the TTRPG hobby has catered to since I started back in 1980, I feel I have an obligation to be as front and centre on inclusivity in our hobby as I can. It can’t simply be left to the marginalized to advocate for themselves, I have to shoulder as much of that burden as I can in order to hold a space for them. The plain fact is women, LGBTQ2S, and PoC have been in our hobby from the start. And good thing, too! I can’t imagine how bland this industry would be without their contributions. It’s their hobby, too, and to pretend otherwise with tantrums of gatekeeping horseshit demeans everyone. So expect me to be even more vocal about these things for as long as I have a podium here.

That said, I’m still really excited about our hobby, and I am going to share that excitement with you at every opportunity. I have an entire series of articles planned, for instance, talking about all the wonderful things I have discovered over at itch.io. I have been diving in pretty deep over the last several months, and I look forward to talking about the creators and games to found there. And there is no end in site of the strange and (questionably) wonderful ideas I have to liven things up at the gaming table, so I look forward to talking them through with all of you.

So thank-you. Thank-you for reading, thank-you for engaging, and thank-you for being as passionate about this hobby as I am. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season, spent in the manner you prefer, and that the new year is filled with more games. Here’s to 2020! May the dice roll ever in your favour!