Bring a Little Christmas to Your D&D

The Winter Holiday season can be a busy time for everyone, especially gamers. You might find your usual games on hold, and be looking for something to fill idle hours. Or perhaps this is the year you are going to sit your family and friends down and introduce them to a whole new world of imagination! Here are three suggestions to infuse your Holiday D&D games with a bit of the Christmas Spirit. Not coincidentally, all three make excellent Holiday gifts, singly or as a bundle. Enjoy!

The 12 Days of Midwinter – Not specifically about Christmas, nevertheless The 12 Days of Midwinter is a collection of D&D adventures inspired by the mythology, traditions, and lore of the Winter season. The collection features almost 200 pages of adventures designed for every Tier of play, and for every character level.

Each of the twelve adventures is a setting-agnostic one-shot, that you can run as a stand-alone adventure or drop into your campaign for a bit of holiday flavour. While not related to one another, with a bit of work and imagination, the wily DM could combine these adventures into an epic Holiday-themed campaign.

Besides great adventures, the book also contains sections on Wintery Wild Magic, Festive Magic Items, and Seasonal Trinkets. So you can start teasing your holiday adventures early, or leave the characters with a bit of Christmas cheer after the festive adventures have ended.

This book has beautiful illustrations throughout, as well as excellent cartography for each adventure. This is a must-have resource to bring some holiday cheer to your table!

Joy Giver – Holiday Patron for Warlocks – I’m always tickled by unconventional additions to D&D classes, so having Santa…er, Joy Giver, as a warlock patron definitely caught my eye. The Joy Giver is a mysterious being who many believe is the source of generosity. Others believe generosity created the Joy Giver, but almost everyone who has heard the name agrees that its power grows and wanes over the course of the year and is strongest during the winter solstice. As patron for warlocks, your character will focus on protecting the innocence of children and spread the joy of the holidays.

While this might be a challenging patron to have throughout the rest of the year, as a DM I could definitely see having an NPC warlock challenging a party in a Holiday one-shot. After all, I think we know where most adventuring parties would fall on the Naughty/Nice lists…

DDAL00-05 Winter’s Splendor – You might be forgiven for thinking that any Christmas or Holiday themed adventure would be a light, frothy affair. With Winter’s Splendor, talented writer and DM’s Guild Adept Ashley Warren gives you a delightfully dark refutation of that opinion. The adventure takes place during the Midwinter Gala in the City of Splendors…and beyond that, I literally can’t say anything about the adventure without spoiling the surprises waiting inside. But I can tell you Ashley has concocted a plum pudding chock full of secrets, pacts, intrigue, love, passion, and the true meaning of Midwinter, Charlie Brown!

If you have some friends you’ve wanted to introduce to D&D Adventurer’s League over the Holidays, I humbly suggest this would be an excellent way to get them in the holiday gaming spirit. I can think of no better way to make their first taste of AL a delicious one.

And that’s my quick three from DM’s Guild for the Holidays! Next week, we’ll take a look at what other game systems are bringing the Christmas cheer. Until then, share with us your favourite Holiday gaming memories, in comments on our Facebook Page or on Twitter