Knowledge Local: IntrigueCon

I’ve talked about gaming conventions and how much I love them in past articles. I think they are an important part of the hobby, even in our age of increasing connectivity. No question, we have unprecedented access to gaming media, and can learn about new games, see them played, and order them for ourselves. With online gaming platforms like Roll20, we can even play these games with other folks without leaving the comfort of our homes.

But none of that replaces the feeling of sitting down at a table with folks to play face to face. And outside of regular gaming groups, conventions are still one of the best ways to get that experience. Add in an opportunity to try new games for yourself before you hit the game shop, and help build your local community of gamers so when you want a regular game you have folks to call, and they can’t be beat. Gaming conventions are going to be with us for a good long while.

If you’re a TTRPGer here in Edmonton, I hope you are aware of IntrigueCon, what I consider to be the city’s best RPG convention. Now in its sixth year, IntrigueCon began with a singular focus: provide a fun, inviting space for us nerds to play roleplaying games for two and a half days. And while they have refined their methods in those six years the con remains focused on providing attendees with excellent tabletop RPG experiences.

Games are run by some of the best game masters in Edmonton and from around the province. Any game you get into is going to be a good time, whether you stick to something you’re familiar with or take a chance on a new-to-you system. The energy, from both players and GMs, keeps the con buzzing all day long. Assuming you have a chance to glance away from the excitement at your table, you’re going to see what the other tables see when they glance your way: laughing, excited players, raptly hanging on their GM’s every word. No question the con can get loud, but it never gets truly overbearing, and tables are arranged to deal with the worst of the noise.

In addition to all the TTRPG shenanigans, IntrigueCon is playing host to the Alberta Roleplaying Game Awards for a second year. The ARGAs are a new award, looking to celebrate the best people in the province’s TTRPG community. Nominations are open on their site right now, until they are announced October 5th. Then IntrigueCon attendees will vote at the con to select the winner. I’ve already nominated a few people I think deserve to be acknowledged for their excellent contributions to our community, and I encourage you to do the same.

IntrigueCon 2019 runs October 18-20 at Queen Alexandra Community Hall (10425 University Avenue). Registration is open now, and tables will fill up fast so I encourage you to get your ticket and grab some games quickly. In recent years the convention has sold out early, so I wouldn’t wait too long to get your ticket. In addition to the gaming and the ARGAs, there is a concession for snacks, door prizes, and sometimes a TTRPG swap meet (folks bring TTRPG stuff they don’t want anymore to swap or sell). It’s a great weekend in the company of your fellow gaming nerds, so don’t miss out!

And if you see me between games, please come say hello! I’ll be the bearded guy in the red or green IntrigueCon t-shirt…okay, that might not narrow it down. Do your best!