RPGaDay: Day 19 “scary”

Welcome back! Did you miss us during our summer hiatus? I’ve spent most of it over at my blog writing up RPGaDay entries. Since it’s our first day back I thought I would share Day Nineteen here, and today’s inspiration is Scary.

Undead, or the restless dead, or whatever name you want to give the things from the spirit world what go bump in the night, have long been a staple of folklore and fantasy fiction. No surprise it’s the same for fantasy TTRPGs as well. I personally love using them in my games. Other monsters can be dangerous, but they are at least part of the campaign world’s natural order. Undead are scary because they are an obvious break from how things are supposed to be, and their appearance signals that things are no longer right. And they are largely unknowable, so I can keep the players guessing, and therefore, scared.

Today I want to share an undead creation from my home game, the Emberhaunt. I’ve already used it in my campaign so it’s safe to post it here. Feel free to use it in your game, and let me know what you think. As indicated this is version 1.0, but I intend to tweak and upgrade it based on playtesting and feedback. When I do I will post links to the new version. In the meantime, enjoy!