Dissident Whispers

Things are still super busy in my neck of the woods. My day job relates directly to COVID-19 relief, and as you might be aware, that is still very much a thing. But you will still see regular content here from me regardless, even if it has to take a different form.

Like, perhaps, a video. I am currently working up a schedule of Indie RPGs to read from and talk about, and I will begin recording and editing this week. But talking about Dissident Whispers was important to me, so today you get a video in my old #ReadIndieRPGs style.

I cannot recommend this collection enough. Fantastically imaginative, with adventures for games which don’t get a huge amount of supplemental support (like Mothership and Troika!) plus a bunch of system agnostic adventures, Dissident Whispers can sit in your GM folder or on your shelf and provide months and years of adventure for your table.

You can order the PDF through DriveThruRPG or on the Whisper Collective website, where you can also pre-order the print version. Don’t miss out!