A Brief History of SF Roleplaying Games

Today is a short one, my friends, as I am deep into convention season at the moment. Among other things, I spent a day at the Direct Play Expo, and excellent new gaming convention here in Edmonton. Specifically, I was invited to give a talk about TTRPG history, in my guise as an amateur gaming historian. I chose to talk about science fiction roleplaying games, the oft-forgotten relative of the fantasy genre. The talk was well received, and some folks even stayed to chat afterward which is always gratifying.

If you’d like to see the slideshow I put together to support my talk, feel free to follow this link: [History-of-SF-RPGs-Presentation-Slideshow]. I’ve been told video of the presentation will go up soonish, and so feel free to come back and follow the link to get to that. 

[Editor’s Note: Brent’s talk will be updated here as soon as it’s available. We will also have more photos and videos later this week or next week. -dc]

And join us next week for our regularly scheduled article. In the meantime, roll some dice!




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