Pitchstorm (NC-17)

When the Rat Hole launched we began the monthly tradition of looking at different expansions for Skybound Games’ runaway hit party game, Superfight. But since Skybound Games has a ton of more great party games (and games in general) we bring you Skybound Saturday. This month we look at the NC-17 expansion deck for Pitchstorm, and as the name suggests the content may not be suitable for all audiences.
 If you’ve never played Pitchstorm before, you may want to start with our review of the Core Game.

Fun Fact: You may have noticed the “.ca” at the end of our URL. For our international readers who don’t know, and know they are out there (hi Christian), that means we are proudly Canadian. The reason I bring this up is that besides Coffee Crisp chocolate bars, All Dressed potato chips, and poutine, we also have our own film ratings.
NC-17 doesn’t exist here. The equivalent in Canada would be R (the American R rating would be 18A in Canada, don’t ask me why they chose to do it that way). As the stream of my consciousness continues to flow, I now desperately want Skybound Games to put a sticker with the local film rating equivalent on it whenever they go to international conventions…

Sorry, back to the game at hand. 

When I started Superfight Saturday and Skybound Saturday I started using the phrase “semi-standalone” to describe many of the expansion decks for Superfight, and later Red Flags. I doubt I coined it, but I use it for any expansion that can be played independently of its Core Game, albeit usually in a very limited way. Pitchstorm’s Creature Feature expansion certainly qualifies, NC-17 similarly qualifies, and I suspect the other Pitchstorm expansions that you’ll read about here over the next few months will as well.

Pitchstorm has three card elements to it, and the NC-17 deck is split roughly equally between them. I’m going to start with the Notes cards used by the round’s Executive(s) The first card I saw when I opened this was GREAT, BUT WE WANT KIDS TO WALK AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE THINKING “SMOKING IS COOL.” HOW CAN WE ADD THAT?  

Welp, the back of the box does say these cards should probably be buried in the back of your closet…

The Notes don’t get less inappropriate from there, with LET’S ADD REDNECK JESUS AS A SUPPORTING CHARACTER being one of the tamer options. There are political dullards who will no doubt find offence is several cards (to whom I direct that last card), but many are cheeky yet largely inoffensive such as WHAT IF THEY WERE HAUNTED BY THE GHOSTS OF ALL THE SPERM THEY’VE KILLED BY MASTURBATING? 

The Character Cards are equally cheeky, and delightful with things like THE LEADER OF A CREEPY SEX CULT, A POLITICIAN WITH AN ILLEGAL FETISH, DONALD TRUMP, and my personal favourite: A LONELY TENTACLE MONSTER SEARCHING FOR LOVE.

The Plot cards mesh nicely with all of the other cards dropping things like ACCIDENTALLY FUCKS A SQUIRREL… AND LIKES IT (it’s called NC-17 and you didn’t expect an F-bomb?), SEEKS SHELTER FROM THE APOCALYPSE IN THE SEX DUNGEONS BENEATH THE WHITE HOUSE, and the inevitable BATTLES ENDLESS HORDES OF ANGRY ANIME PORN TENTACLE MONSTERS.

Having some blatantly low brow jokes is pretty common in party games these days. Those jokes are always going to be hit or miss, depending on your gaming group. I personally loved where this expansion went, while others may want to remove some cards or avoid it altogether. But I loved it. Just don’t ask me why a think “tentacle monsters” are inevitable.

You can find more about Pitchstorm online at pitchstorm.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/Pitchstorm.

You can find Skybound Games online at www.skybound.com/games or on Facebook at facebook.com/SkyboundGames.