Murder Bury Win (Kickstarter)

It’s a busy week on the Kickstarters this week. With several large publishers launching campaigns, that quickly funded. A smaller, but growing fast, publisher launched a campaign that funded faster than the big boys. A campaign by a true indie publisher from the Maritimes crossed my desk, it too had funded.

Now, if you’ve seen the last few weeks of CrowdFUNding Spotlights here in The Rat Hole, you’ll notice that a campaign being funded before we can write about it isn’t really a thing we care about. We love supporting small publishers. We love supporting small Canadian publishers even more. But at the end of the day, the campaigns we feature are just things we find interesting. Weeks like this suck, because there is just so much that came out. I never really need to go very far down the rabbit hole, if you will, to find cool stuff, which is what happened with Murder Bury Kill. While getting close this campaign has not, in fact, already funded.

Murder Bury Kill isn’t a tabletop game. Well, it is, but it’s a tabletop game created for a film about a tabletop game. The film Murder Bury Win is a cautionary tale about the measures peoples are willing to take to win. And it also might be about how to kill someone and get rid of the body.

Okay, I’d watch that.

The film is basically done, having been funded completely out of pocket thus far. All that is left is some post-production work, and getting it out into the world. Honestly, film festival submissions and distribution is one of the hardest times of a young film’s life. It hasn’t even taken its first steps before being judged on it’s running form. So this campaign will help fund that final detail work, with anything past that going towards film festival applications and hopefully to recouping some of the existing budget costs.

It’s important to remember that while this is a movie about a game, and copies of that game are included in some pledges, this isn’t a campaign to produce a commercially available game. That may come down the road, but this campaign is about making a movie.

$20 (USD) will get you a digital copy of the movie, once a distribution deal has been signed. (The movie may be essentially done, but distribution is a different beast entirely.) Every pledge level above this will include a digital copy of the film. $50 also gets you a “look book” chronicling the making of the film. $100 will get you one of the fake game boxes that were made as props for the film, with $150 also getting a hoodie featuring the in-film game “Puppies on Fire”. $250 gets you an “ultra-limited film accurate” copy of the Murder Bury Win game. $500 gets you into the game as a character on a card, in any future edition of the game. That includes commercial distribution and if the film gets a sequel. (Hmmm, sequel you say. Subtle spoiler maybe?) Above that, you get into high-cost producer credits that I won’t bother covering.

The $20 pledge is certainly not unreasonable for a copy of an independent film. Even if you have zero interest in props or behind-the-scenes stuff, at the levels above this, the teaser trailer looks like this will be a fun ride.

You can back Murder Bury Win on Kickstarter until Feb 22, 2019.

You can find more about the film on Facebook at Their website ( currently redirects to the Kickstarter campaign.

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