Meeple Party (Kickstarter)

Alright, winter is here in full force in Alberta. Time for grand winter gatherings. Time for a party. Time for a MEEPLE PARTY!

9thLevel Games put it better than I ever could. (In fact, I started writing almost the same thing before going back and just pulling the following quote:) “In Meeple Party, you and your meeple roommates are throwing a party of epic proportions! Tons of meeple are invited so you’ll need to work together to make this party great! The Roommates and the guests have different personalities like the Jerk, the Flirt, the Party Animal, the Wallflower, and the Cool meeple who each have a specific effect on the room they enter.”

The game looks like a great mix of strategic “worker” placement and tableau building to attain goals and avoid disaster. 9th Level Games has done some amazing games in the past, with Kobolds Ate My Baby! (in color) being one of the best RPG games I’ve never had time to review (and I desperately wish they’d update some of their old adventures to the newer rules.) So I have zero doubts that this will be just as awesome.

Non-retailer pledge levels start at $39 (USD) for a copy of the game along with applicable stretch goals. $59 adds on either a t-shirt or a silver necklace. $79 gets 2 copies of the game. $99 gets you the game, shirt, necklace, a pin, and some greeting cards, with $199 getting you double all that.

I’m loving the artwork in this game, and have no doubt it’s going to be amazing when it funds.

You can back Meeple Party on Kickstarter until October 24, 2018.

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