Lucent (Kickstarter)

Lucent is a casual, easy to learn, tableau-building card game. The object is to be the last player able to add a card to the pyramid-shaped tableau. The base row can have up to 9 cards of any type. Every card played above that must match the colour of at least one of the two gems on the cards below it. If a player can’t legally place a card on their turn, they lose. The winner is, obviously, the last player able to place a card.

The game is best played with five players, but can easily be played with as few as two. The simple rules and no language dependence means it can easily be played by people as young as five.

There are three categories of pledge levels. For $5 (USD) you’ll receive a print-and-play version of the game, basically as soon as Kickstarter releases the funding. The PnP version is included in every pledge level, with the physical rewards are scheduled for fulfilment in the fall, and that is assuming there will be delays from the current pandemic. $15 bring a single deck with your choice of Classic or Night Mode art, or $25 gets one of each (or two of the same). $30 gets a single copy plus some swag and $40 get the two copies with swag.

I am almost certain I encountered this game at a previous convention and remember being surprisingly impressed by it. The game is done and ready for printing, but if it gets delayed past the already pessimistic fulfilment date, it should still be in backers hands well before Christmas, in plenty of time to give as gifts to your non-gamer family members.

You can back Lucent on Kickstarter until May 12, 2020.

Lucent can be found on Facebook at