Kingmaker Anniversary Edition (GameOnTabletop)

A few years ago, well before I started, I had the pleasure of reviewing The Curse of the Crimson Throne hardcover collection of Pathfinder’s second Adventure Path. Now, with 2020 approaching quickly, Paizo is pulling out the stops for a newly updated and expanded collection to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Kingmaker Adventure Path.

They are taking everything from the six-part 2010 release and updating it all to the soon-to-be-released Second Edition ruleset. But that’s not all, last year Owlcat Games released a digital adaptation of Kingmaker which greatly expanded the already ambitious story. Much of that expansion is also being integrated into this new version, with more being added as stretch goals are reached.

The main hardcover book clocks in at a massive 592 pages of material, taking players from Level 1 all the way through to Level 20 (thanks to the addition of The Cursed King epilogue). On top of that, there is a softcover Companion Guide which brings three (closing on the stretch goal for a fourth) NPC Companions from Owlcat’s CRPG to life on the tabletop for the first time.

But what if you don’t really want to play Pathfinder Second Edition? Never fear, you can add on the Kingmaker Bestiary for either 5E or the original Pathfinder, allowing GMs to easily run this massive adventure for either of those systems as well.

As if that wasn’t enough there are a bunch of add-ons (many of which are included in the $150 “Ruler” pledge level), including maps, pawns, and a kingdom management screen to improve the sandbox world-building elements that made Kingmaker so revolutionary.

Pledge levels aren’t particularly cheap, but for the amount of content you get, it’s a decent value. $50 (USD) gets you PDF versions of both the Kingmaker AP and the Companion Guide. $80 gets the PDF and Hardcover versions of the Kingmaker AP only, with $100 also getting the Companion Guide and an exclusive slipcase for both books. $150 gets you the above mentioned “Ruler” pledge, with special editions of the physical books, the four-panel Kingdom Management Screen, plus a set of poster-sized maps. Above that are a handful of extra high-end pledges, that are too limited to warrant detailing here.

I don’t check out the Game on Tabletop crowdfunding site as much as I should, but it is important to note that unlike some crowdfunding platforms you will be charged at the time of your pledge. I’ve also been ignoring Pathfinder until Second Edition comes out, so I almost missed this campaign. Thankfully there are still a few more days to get in on this great collection.

You can back the Kingmaker Adventure Path on Game On Table until May 21, 2019.

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