Innsmouth 32 (Kickstarter)

It’s 1932 when a group of gangsters hijacks a busload of Miskatonic University staff and students. A wrong turn lands them in Innsmouth, Massachusetts and a night of Shuffling Horror…

Innsmouth 32 is the third in a planned four games in the Shuffling Horrors series by GameWick Games. The rules are designed to run any Shuffling Horror game; they will presumably update and supersede those that came with Pitsburg 68 and Roswell 51, but there are a few additions to make this particular entry more “Lovecraftian”. Players can gain knowledge of the Mythos to help them banish monsters, but could also end up gaining Insanity as the face off against the unspeakable horrors of The Deep Ones. For a slightly more in-depth look at how the game will play, you can read my previous review of Roswell 51. But, in general, one player will take on the role of The Director. The Director will guide the other players (Survivors) through the scenes, and control the cultists and monsters they will face off against. I did have a few issues with the Roswell 51 rulebook layout, so I’m pleased to see that Gamewick Games has been doing some extra work on it for this campaign.

The Director really does need to have a good grip on how the game plays and flows, but the rest of the players only really need to know a few very basic and easy to learn concepts in order to have a good time. All the Survivors are working together with each other, so it becomes very easy to help a newer player learn the ropes. Up to a certain point, a player can even join the game late without it causing problems.

One of the other nice things about the Shuffling Horror games is that players are never eliminated. If a player’s character(s) are killed, they simply become Monster Players that help the Director in their fiendish plot.

There are only four pledge levels on this campaign. $35 (USD) gets you a single copy of Innsmouth 32. $55 gets you Innsmouth 32 and Pitsburg 68. $70 gets you Innsmouth 32 along with the much larger Roswell 52. Finally, $90 gets you all three games. Shipping is extra, and they’ve included rough estimates on costs for most countries.

The advantage of this being the third entry in this game system is that it’s basically ready to roll. The kinks have had five years and two previous games to work themselves out. This isn’t a small game, and for the Director it’s fairly involved. But the reward of building a story together is worth the investment of time. Pick this one up.

You can back Innsmouth 32 on Kickstarter until May 30, 2019.

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