Hong Kong: Summer 2019 (Kickstarter)

Well, here goes any chance of breaking into the Chinese market. But most times speaking up for what’s right is going to be the correct choice. I’m going to start by pointing out that the veracity of this campaign has been called into question. There is no evidence that the campaign is on the up and up, nor is there evidence it is not. I have no way to tell legitimate, but I have chosen to take the statements of the publisher at face value. Below is a statement regarding the plans for this game.

** Some youngsters in the protests were framed in jails and their crime records were kept which made them hard to seek for jobs later.

When this gets to the production phase, we would try our best to reach out released talented protesters and hire them to work here, trying to nullify their “bad” records by the government as much as we can.

Of course, after all the events, we would be still making games of other nonpolitical topics, we hope this may be a good starting point for some of the poor framed protesters to have works in their fields of interests again.

        Our aim is never making the tragedy a comedy, many foreigners, maybe, after seeing the news headlines, wow that’s sad. That’s it.

        We indeed need some global help and attention! We hope with this game, many board gamers, who at first showed no interests of the event, would begin to care, and maybe, at last, to actually help.**

The fund raised on KS would be needed to use to produce the products, per their policy, however, we aim to use those and make more copies after the KS, and put them on online stores, and from the revenue made there on our own future store, we would donate, less the costs we used to help in trustworthy organizations

We are a group of board game designer, players, mobile game developer, designers, sculptor and illustrators from Hong Kong, US and the UK. We, however, chose to publish the game under this account as our identity as we might have to face personal threats in the real life. People had been reported gone missing or found dead in these months…

The game is billed as “a miniatures RPG game mixed with deck building elements.” I really feel like that description may suffer from some translation issues (something that carries through much of the campaign, honestly), as there seem to be no significant rpg elements, as most North American players would recognize.

        “Players construct their own action decks which consist of different attack moves, defensive moves and other special moves. They can also acquire new moves through the missions. They are free to take out cards and add cards to their decks for the next missions. Remember, a bigger deck size also means it is harder to draw some wanted cards. Players must consider and make effective decks instead of adding all the cards they get.”

The pledge levels are a bit interesting. For only HK$31 (only about $6 CAD) backers get a set of mobile and desktop wallpapers, which are also included in higher pledges. For HK$452 (about $77 CAD) you’ll get the basic game with cardboard standees. For either HK$619, HK$721, or HK$831 you’ll get the deluxe version with sculpted miniatures. There is no difference between these three pledge levels, but the high priced options will do more for their long term goals, while staying within KS policies.

Whether you think this campaign is worth your time and money, the stated goal of putting more light on this situation is very much valid.

You can back Hong Kong: Summer 2019 on Kickstarter until January 7, 2020.

You can find more about the game on their Facebook page at facebook.com/HK-Summer-2019-the-Board-Game-101290891365209.