Health of The Rat Hole

Hi friends, Dave here. Head Rat of

Regular readers here may have noticed a significant drop in content lately. Unfortunately, 2020 has been off to a rough start. Mental and physical health issues and an unhealthy dose of Real World Problems™ have basically hit every regular member of the Rat Hole family, and a fair chunk of our extended family as well.

We are working hard to keep moving forward, but honestly, we are behind where I’d like us to be. To be equally honest, I’m ok with that. The health and well being of the people around me is more important than anything else, and if that belief ever changes, I won’t deserve to have the amazing people working with me that I do.

To the publishers who have entrusted us with games, thank you for your patience. To you, our readers, thank you for sticking with us.

I’ll be working from the road the next few weeks, as I head to Dice Tower West, SaltCON, GAMA, and Emerald City Comic Con. If you see me come say hi.