Grimmerspace (Kickstarter)

When I started The Rat Hole, one of the things I decided is that I didn’t want to jump into the middle of what I call “big box games”. Games like 5E and 13th Age, that, while great, you can have an entire library of books for. But I made a specific exception for Starfinder, which launched shortly after I did, since I could join into the game at ground zero. I’ve loved Starfinder, and book after book, I keep coming back to it.

When I saw Grimmerspace, I was excited already excited. When I saw it was a Starfinder Compatible game, I was even more excited. When I (much too briefly) met Creative Developer Sean Astin (yes, THAT Sean Astin), and saw his enthusiasm for the project, and just kept getting more excited.

Grimmerspace uses the Starfinder rules, but it doesn’t take place in the Starfinder universe. The Gliding Rim Galaxy is based entirely in science, until a tear in space and time bring magic, and magic users, into their universe for the first time. Science and magic don’t mix well, and confrontation is both inevitable and bloody. Grimmerspace isn’t a kids game, it’s a violent, horror-inspired, gristmill of death, and recommended for mature players. Horror and Science Fiction work so well together, given that both genres can take players into something vaguely plausible and awful.

As it says on the back cover of Abbatoir 8 (which you can download for free on the Kickstarter page, regardless of whether or not you choose to pledge):
“So maybe bring a few extra bandages along. Or better yet, a mop.”

There are a ton of pledge levels here. Starting at only $20 USD you’ll get all three of the main Grimmerspace books in PDF form, along with the free adventure Abattoir 8. $40 gets you the Setting & Adventures and Player’s Guide books hardcover, and all the books in PDF. $50 gets the Starfinder Beginner Box, the Starfinder Quickstart version of Abbatoir 8 in softcover, and PDFs of all the Grimmerspace books. $60 gets all three books in print and PDF. $80 add a print copy of Abattoir 8 and a second Players Guide. $100 gets all three book and the Starfinder Core Rulebook in print.$120 takes everything from the $80 level and adds in the Immersive Battle Maps Book and Grimmerspace vinyl stickers for it. There are four more tiers starting at $190, that are just too expansive to list here.

One of the standout things about this campaign is the sheer value of the pledge levels. Every level is a reasonable price, and PDF only level is downright cheap! IronGM Games has partnered with some great companies Yarro Studios, Gaming Paper, several digital tabletop companies, and (of course) Paizo, to add even more to the pledge levels and add-ons. Speaking of add-ons, there is one specific add on that deserves special mention. They’re offering a limited edition, movie quality, replica of the ARCop’s gun. It’s not cheap, but if you want a unique addition to your cosplay or display case, this is exciting.

Brexit and the growing US/China trade war has thrown several extra monkey wrenches in the general direction of tabletop publishers. Iron GM Games seem to have taken as many precautions and made as many backup plans, and possible to ensure they meet their deadlines. I have no doubt this game will happen, and it’s going to be great.

You can back Grimmerspace on Kickstarter until June 22, 2019

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