Gingerbread Gang (Break Kickstarter)

It’s Christmas in Julyyyyyyy It’s Christmas in Julyyyyyyy. Bring on the Gingerbread cookies… wait… are they…. aaaaaargh*

OK, that’s my brain right now this. Sorry, not sorry.

Every year, since well before The Rat Hole launched, I’ve done a series of holiday reviews to celebrate the winter season. As a rule, I’m pretty obstinately against celebrating before American Thanksgiving, or as we call it here in Canada “Thursday”, although I give a soft pass to retailers after Remembrance Day. In fact, serious shoutout to the small, but growing, number of retailers who clear their seasonal section after Halloween and make a point to leave it empty out of respect for those who gave their lives for our freedom. End of rant, back to the CrowdFUNding Spotlight at hand. The other early exception to my ranty-wrath is Crowdfunding projects that need the obvious lead up to properly take advantage of their Holiday theme. Which is where we land with Jackalope Enterprise’s Gingerbread Gang miniatures for their War in Christmas Village series.

Last Christmas our Slinging Paint video series featured the first set of War in Christmas Village, and I can finally announce that we’ll be seeing their most recent sets on the show in a few places over the coming months. So I can say, first hand, how nice these finished miniatures have been turning out.

While the Gingerbread Gang is the star of this year’s campaign, there are two other sets, and some great add-on stretch goals. At the $5 (USD) level, backers will get the finished Print-and-Play edition of the War in Christmas Village game rules that have been playtested for the past year and a half, this is also included in all the pledge levels $23 and up. $20 delivers the single Abominable Snow Ma’am figure. $23 gets the four-piece Workshop Elf Defence Squad pack, $25 gets a six-piece Snow Goons Warband set. $30 gets the six-piece titular Gingerbread Gang. There are another six bundle packages starting at only $65 and going up to $199.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this line expanding year after year. I haven’t had the change to more than glance at the beta edition of the game rules, but I definitely plan to dig into it later in the year.

This campaign will be Jackalope’s fourth (hopefully) successful campaign, so they’ve had some time to anticipate delays, and better streamline their fulfillment process. There’s enough time allotted that an unexpected delay should still allow for delivery with enough time to paint in time for the holidays.

I also want to make note that Jackalope Enterprises has a great commitment to their community, donating products and a portion of their post-campaign sales to local charities and events. I point this out because it is a not-insignificant factor to me, personally, when I look at what companies I want to support.

You can back the Gingerbread Gang for War in Christmas Village on Kickstart until August 15, 2019.

You can find War in Christmas Village online at or on Facebook at