Fidget Factory (Kickstarter)

What I took away from this Kickstarter Campaign:

Fidget Factory by Antsy Labs, makers of the Fidget Cube, is a game involving wearing hats and drinking coffee. It also involves outwitting trolls and has a Cthulhu hat.

End of Spotlight, take my money.



Nope, that’s too short. Let me refill my caffeinated fluid of life and start over.



Coffee achieved, and we’re back. So I didn’t actually think we’d have a CrowdFUNding Spotlight this week. We do one most weeks, but it’s not something I like to force if things get busy or something doesn’t my eye, or the eyes of my staff. Then what pops into my feed, a few short hours before deadline, but a troll figure holding a custom die. Welp, there goes the plan for my morning.

So, like most good crowdfunding people, I started by watching the video. Oh, the video. If you didn’t watch the video that I embedded above, go do that now. I have coffee, so I can wait… So that video, right? That is probably one of my all-time favourite crowdfunding videos.

Fidget Factory is loosely based on the creator’s experience making Fidget Cube, but in space. Because everything is more fun in space. You and your co-founders will be working co-operatively to complete tasks given by the Taskmaster 3000. As you play through the game you’ll have the opportunity to wear many hats. These hats are game components, with each having a unique effect on gameplay, and are representative of the small business metaphor “wearing many hats”. As a life-long wearer of many literal hats, I am both pleased by this and disappointed that I will never have many of these fantastical pieces of millinery in my collection. But I digress. When you complete matching sets of tasks, you’ll be able to add new sides to the modular fidget die, upgrading its usefulness, and if you can complete all 6 sides without running out of coffee, you win. Sounds easy, right?

Nope. Some of the tasks will involve taking on Jiles the Troll who steals dice from the players, making it harder to complete tasks. If you can’t upgrade all six sides of the Fidget Die in three rounds, you lose. Oh, and did I mention the rounds are timed? Each round lasts for the total of 1 minute per player.

That’s right kids, this is also a speed game.

Have I mentioned how much I love speed games recently? No? That’s because I rarely review speed games. Because I don’t like speed games. Somehow I STILL want to play this particular speed game. I don’t know if it’s because I’m already on my second pot of coffee this morning, or because this game just looks that interesting, but I want to play it. (For the record I’m leaning towards the second one, reinforced heavily by the first.)

There are only two non-retail pledge levels for this. The Base edition for $29 (USD) and the Deluxe edition for $49 (USD) with the shipping quotes not being prohibitively outrageous to most countries. There are several differences in “stuff” between the two editions, but the three biggest differences are the number of included hats, the included stretch goals, the Jiles the Troll miniature figures. The $20 difference seems more than reasonable, and the Jiles mini holding a stolen die is literally the image that brought me here.

This project funded before I even found it, and I think almost made enough to fund again while I wrote this. Antsy Labs have a combined 9 successful campaigns under their belts, including the experience of what to do when your little idea explodes into one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever. There is technically always a risk when backing a campaign, but the odds are less than me choosing to drink decaf.

You can back Fidget Factory on Kickstarter until October 11, 2019.

Ansty Labs is online at or on Facebook at