Feudum: Rudders & Ramparts (Kickstarter)

Have you ever had a game that just seems to be cursed? Feudum is one of those games for me. I’ve had no less than four specific attempts to play this fall through just since learning about this Kickstarter, and a few more before that. My hope is to kick this plague so I can get it played and reviewed before this campaign ends. At this point, I’m just happy to be clear-headed enough to write this Spotlight.

In short, a feudum is the Latin term for fiefdom, heritable land rights gifted to a vassal in return for loyalty to the monarch. The game Feudum is a gorgeous game of resource management and territory control. It’s a pretty hefty game, both in terms of size and complexity.

Rudders & Ramparts is a comparatively small expansion, that can be integrated with the base game a number of ways. You can, technically, just replace the existing vessel tiles with the snazzy new, handpainted, PVC miniature versions from this expansion, or you can play the new military variant. Under these new rules when a player acquires a vessel, they can pay extra to upgrade to a deluxe vessel giving them an attack bonus. When a player rules a feudum, they can likewise pay extra to upgrade to a castle feudum with a royal guard, to gain a defence bonus. Although if you choose either option, you’ll need to pay an upkeep fee later in the game.

If you want the option to upgrade all your vessels and all your feudums, you’ll need to pick up three copies of the expansion, but the military variant works with only one. It can be argued that only having a limited supply of upgrades presents a harder decision and a more enjoyable game, but that’s up to you.

While you don’t get a ton of stuff in the box, this is very much one of those “quality over quantity” situations, and from seeing the previous components, this is worth it. $35 (USD) gets you a single copy of Rudders and Ramparts, plus all the stretch goals. $89 gets you three copies, but only one set of the stretch goals. $99 gets you the base game and the expansion, with $130 getting you the “big box” edition containing most of the previous expansions. $250 gets you the whole “collection” which is basically everything under the sun. Shipping is extra on all of that, but they have detailed cost estimates on everything but the collection level.

There are a number of playthrough and review videos on their campaign page, so you can take a deeper look. My hope is that I’ll have my review done for next week to give you, my loyal readers, a few days to back this. But if you already know the game, there’s no reason to wait for that.

You can back Feudum: Rudders & Ramparts on Kickstarter until March 24, 2019.

You can find more about Odd Bird Games and Feudum online atwww.oddbirdgames.com or on their Facebook Page, facebook.com/feudum.