Domina Anthology (Kickstarter)

Japanime Games has partners with Japanese publisher DOMINA Games to bring their games to the English-speaking market. To start this partnership off, Japanime Games is releasing Argoat, Pralaya, and Minaris, both individually and collectively.

Argoat is a game of set collection and exploration. Players will reveal Frontier cards, adding them into an expanding map-tableau. Some Frontiers will add facedown Dark Forrest cards to the map, one of which hides the end-goal of finding Eden. The rest allow players to gather or trade for information and Fragments of Ancient Knowledge. The winner is the player that acquires all eight Fragment cards and moves onto the Dark Forrest card that hides Eden.

Pralaya is a fast press-your-luck game in which players are racing to collect the more valuable relics from a sinking island (a 3×6 grid of cards), and then buying passage off the island before getting stuck there and sinking themselves. It plays fast which makes for a great filler game.

Miraris is a bluffing and deduction game. Every player has a unique character and an identical hand of Dormire cards numbered 1-9 from which they will play a single card in each of the game’s eight rounds. There is a row of faceup Wonder cards, each with a potentially different point value, players will play a facedown card from their hand, and when all the cards are revealed they are placed in numerical order under the wonders. Each player claims the wonder card above their own Dormire card. If any players played the same number card, neither can claim a card that round with the cards above them remaining in play to be claimed in the following round(s). What makes this so unique is that the Wonder cards are shuffled and revealed randomly, so the highest point Wonder may not go to the highest played Dormire card. At the end of eight rounds, the player with the highest points is the winner.

The games are all beautifully illustrated and look amazing. They all play 3-5 players (Pralaya can go down to two players) so make for a great evening if you play them together, or just play one.

The pledge levels basically break down to individual games or the whole set. $20(USD) will get you a copy of either Miraris or Pralaya, with $25 getting you Argoat. $60 gets you all three games in a slipcase box and free shipping within North America. Finally, $150 gets you the $60 box along with custom card sleeves and playmats for all three games, and still free shipping. Shipping on individual games is shockingly affordable, but if you’re even a little interested in getting two of the games, just get all three for free North American shipping.

This is a short campaign, but you can still back the Domina Anthology on Kickstarter until April 2, 2019.

You can find Domina Games website at and on Facebook at (but both are in Japanese).

Japanime Games is online at or on Facebook at