Dice Throne Season 2: Battle 2

[The retail format for Dice Throne Season 2 lends itself better to a series of reviews, rather than just one. So I made a general video about it for The Watch, that you can check out HERE, plus you can read my review on Battle 1 HERE, Battles 3 HERE, and Battle 4 HERE]

Every Character in Dice Throne is unique, with their own powers, abilities, and components. At the same time, they have many similarities as well. Each of the custom six-sided dice has different symbols and colours, but have the same distribution of symbols. Three of something (usually a signature weapon), two of something else, and a single special icon. Each side is also numbered allowing for players to roll a four or five dice straight, as well as sub in a standard die if something gets lost. Each player card also has nine potential actions that specific character can take. (I’ll look at those more in a minute.)

The first player to reduce their opponent from 50 Health down to 0 Health wins.

BATTLE 2: Tactician vs Huntress

“Rescued as an infant by Nyra (a female sabertooth tiger), the Huntress was taken in as if she was Nyra’s own cub. Their bond is beyond that of a human to her pet. They are connected — soul to soul. The ferocity and agility with which they fight intimidates all who would dare to challenge them.”

When a player chooses the Huntress as their character, they don’t just get her, they get Nyra as well. Nyra is represented by a Tracking disk, similar to every character’s Combat Point tracker. The main difference is that Nyra’s dial is double-sided. When Nyra is active, the player can assign all incoming damage to Nyra and when attacking Nyra added +2 to any damage inflicted. If the player spends a Nyra’s Bond token they can choose to split incoming damage between Nyra and the Huntress, or they can spend it to heal Nyra by +2 even if she is not active.

Aside from Nyra, Huntress also has an interesting dice composition. Most Characters have three symbols, distributed 1-3, 4-5, and 6. Huntress has four symbols, Spear (1-2 on the die), Claw (3-4), Bonded Soul (5), and Sabertooth (6). I haven’t played Huntress enough to give a practical evaluation of how that changes her rolls, but it does obviously make her basic attack rolls harder. Every character (that I’ve encountered) has a basic attack that does a range of damage. Huntress’ basic attack, Animalistic, does 3 damage when you roll three Spears, 4 damage with four Spears, or 5 damage with five Spears. The damage may vary (the Tactician below does 4-6 damage) but the roll is the same for everyone. Only having two of her basic attack icon, instead of on most character’s three, makes a significant impact. That being said it also allows different options, allowing her to have 10 rollable actions instead only nine. Many of her actions benefit Nyra as well as doing other things, keeping the Huntress offensively strong, and a defensive powerhouse.

Her opponent in this battle is the Tactician. He is visually very much modeled as a dictatorial military leader, with a very Soviet Union feel. Beyond those visual assumptions, we don’t get much of a backstory on the Tactician. His bio reads less as personal insights and more like spreading whispered propaganda.

“The Tactician surveys the battlefield with assurance and calm, confident that there is no foe greater than he. From atop the higher ground, he claims victory by asserting absolute control over all that he sees.”

His dice composition is more to the standard than the Huntress, with a Saber (1-3), Flag (4-5), and a Medal (6). But his rollable abilities aren’t really what makes him interesting to play. Seven of his nice abilities give him one or more Tactical Advantage tokens, which he can then spend for six different offensive and defensive bonuses.

While he certainly can hold his own in a one-on-one battle, he is uniquely built to excel in multi-player situations. For example, his Carpet Bomb ability does 2 Collateral Damage to two different opponents. As well, when he inflicts a Targeted token on an opponent it doesn’t just give him a +2 damage bonus, it gives +2 to anyone attacking that player.

Both of these characters are considered to be on the more complex end of the spectrum, but that’s simply a matter of them having more decisions in how to play them. This might not be the Battle you’d want to choose when introducing the average 8-year-old to Dice Throne, but it’s certainly not too hard to grasp for most people.

You can find out more about Dice Throne, and Roxley Game Laboratory, online at roxley.com or on their Facebook page at facebook.com/roxleygames.

Dice Throne now has their own website now, you can visit DiceThrone.com to order and see some cool sneak peeks at Season 3.

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