Cartooner (Kickstarter)

I play a lot of games. As a result, I often have a reasonably good idea whether a game is or isn’t something I’m going to enjoy. Sometimes the group wants to play something I don’t like, and I will often play anyway. Sometimes I’ll push my boundaries of what I try, and get completely surprised. The biggest surprise of the year for me was a game Called Mangaka: The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics. It’s a drawing game that doesn’t need any drawing skills to enjoy, and I loved it.

Mangaka was the result of four years of development, and Mock Man Press’ new game Cartooner built on that with another two years of tweaking. Cartooner is a completely stand-alone game that is compatible with Mangaka. The rules and gameplay are very similar but significantly more streamlined, but where Mangaka drew on anime and manga for its inspiration, Cartooner looks to western comic books and media.

Over the course of four five-minute rounds, players will create a comic integrating three theme cards. Starting in round two, additional trend cards come into play adding different ways to gain points. After each round, everyone presents their work and gains points for it. This is the best part, the scoring is almost entirely objective. If a player successfully integrates the themes and trends in play, they get points for that not for their actual art.

I was shocked at how much fun I had playing Mangaka, and Cartooner looks like it will be even better!

You can back Cartooner on Kickstarter until December 18, 2017, and find more information about Mock Man Press either on their website, or their facebook page,