Bushido (Kickstarter)

Bushido one-on-one dueling game, in which players face off against each other, after training a unique Samurai fighter. The game takes place in three phases. While the main action (the final Duel) takes place in the third phase, to get there you need to Train your fighter.

The Training Phase begins by revealing 4 Technique cards, each player will draft one of them, discarding the other two, and revealing another four cards, until both players have 5 Technique cards, at which point you need to Arm your fighter for the coming battle.

The Arming phase is simple, each player secretly selects one Weapon card and places it face down on their play mat, and selects what Guard they will start the Duel in. Your guard allows you to adjust what dice you roll on your turn, you can change your guard on your turn, which allows you to return played cards to your hand. Once these have been decided players reveal their choice of Weapon, and the Duel can begin.

The Dueling phase is the climax of the game. You’ve trained your fighter, armed them with a weapon, and now you must fight! I’m going to over-simplify the process here, but basically, you will play your technique cards and roll a variety of dice until someone is damaged to the point of defeat. As I said, it’s not actually that quick, but neither is it a difficult process.

The game looks like it’s going to be a blast to play, and the preliminary art looks gorgeous. Grey Fox Games has posted the rulebook and some print-and-play demo files for free on their Kickstarter page, so you can actually take some time to look, learn, and even play, before deciding if you want to back the project.

Pledge levels start at $25 (USD, plus shipping) for a single 2-player copy of the game. $37 gets you the base game and the Rising Rage Expansion. $48 & $70 levels get you two sets, allowing for 4-player duels. They also have included a retailer pledge level, which I always like to see.

While international shipping is largely out of their control, they have committed to holding back any retail release of the game until two weeks after US fulfillment has shipped so that most backers will have the game in their hands before stores do.

You can back Bushido on Kickstarter until Dec 17, and check out more about Grey Fox Games on their website greyfoxgames.com and facebook page facebook.com/GreyFoxGames