Breachstorm Reloaded (Kickstarter)

Breachstorm is back on Kickstarter, with an all-new faction and some independent Contractors that can be used with any faction. They’re also offering a chance to get the initial release factions, the Zhren’thrar Pride and the Homeworld Confederacy, at discounted prices compared to their regular retail prices.

It’s a crazy week here in the Rat Hole, so we’ll skip the how-to-play stuff. There are some tutorial videos on the campaign page and you can actually get the rules for free, along with a print and play version of everything you need to try out Breachstorm, on their website.

Although the deluxe terrain templates and acrylic tokens are a really nice option, it’s the miniatures that make Breachstorm so fun. We featured the Homeworld Confederacy core set figures on our Slinging Paint series recently and can say first hand how nice they are. Personally, I hate assembling minis but I love playing with them. I know a lot of gamers who are like that, so I have some advice for those people. Back this game, and find someone who can assemble and/or paint them for you. Each Faction is made from a different coloured resin, meaning if even if you just put them together and don’t fully paint them it’s still easy to see which team is which in the Combat Zone.

If you’ve already bought into Breachstorm you can pick up just the new Volucrid Host core set for $60 (USD). While that price is more expensive than the previous core sets, this set comes with nearly double the figure count as the other Factions. The $90 level is labeled as “Faction Allegiant”, and it includes one Core Set, one set of tokens, and one copy of all the expansion figures for any one of the three Factions, plus a pair of new Contractors that can be used with any faction. $240 include the Faction Allegiant pledge level for all three Factions. They’ve also included a $120 level that gets you the original 2-Player Starter Set with the HWC and ZTP Core Sets, Deluxe Terrain and Standard Token sets.

Beyond the basic pledges, you can add on any of the New Release or “Wave 1” products at discounted rates, compared to the regular retail prices for them.

The initial Kickstarter campaign for Breachstorm was canceled just shy of its funding goal and moved to a straight preorder soon afterward. I can’t help wonder if that has been causing some reluctance to back this campaign, which is well short of their goal at its halfway point. Despite their campaign issues, Breachstorm Entertainment did a great job fulfilling their preorders. I can see how someone first stumbling across the Reloaded campaign may be concerned, but there really isn’t a reason for it. Go for it.

You can back Breachstorm Reloaded on Kickstarter until May 15, 2019.

You can find out more info online at or on their Facebook page,