Anthro-Adventures 5E (Kickstarter)

Anthro-Adventures is a family-friendly campaign setting, for the Pathfinder and 5E game systems, conceived by author T.J. Lantz.

The short history is that an experiment on our earth sent a variety of animals into another dimension. A thousand years later, those animals have thrived and evolved into the Seven Realms of (the continent of) Layna. As the original arrivals procreated and their societies grew, they based their beliefs on the stories that their humans once read. For example, the Canine Kingdom preaches the word of The Big Red God (Clifford the Big Red Dog), and the saying “when pigs fly” has a gained very different meaning.

With 22 new playable races, and whole history laid out, the PDF-only level of this campaign is a bargain. Most of the heavy lifting on this is done, as the Pathfinder compatible edition of this book has already been completed and published. The current Kickstarter campaign is to help fund the editing and layout to bring 5th Editions players into Layna before the campaign modules for the Anthro-Adventures setting are pushed any further. Most of the conversion process was already complete prior to launch, with the digital rewards expected to go out within weeks, and the physical copies in about a month, after the campaign funds.

A brief look at the previous A-A Kickstarter indicates they had some publishing difficulties with the physical editions, and have (hopefully) learned from those issues going forward. So in an ever-growing market of will-this-happen campaigns, the 5E version of Anthro-Adventures seems like a safe investment for your RPG gaming dollars.

You can back Anthro-Adventures 5E on Kickstarter until January 13 and find out more about T.J. Lantz online at or on his Facebook pageĀ