Adventure Post (Holidays Teaser)

[Earlier this week we presented a CrowdFUNding Spotlight on the Adventure Post: A Path of Self-Learning Kickstarter campaign. Today, special guest Jason Alderman gives us his thoughts on the free print-and-play Adventure Post: Holidays Teaser.]

Christmas 2018 is in the books, sealed and shut, at least I thought it was. I noticed a postal worker making their way through the cold winter towards my place, but this was no Canada Post worker, this was a messenger of old. Without saying a word he approaches and hands me an envelope only marked ADVENTURE POST. I opened this letter and was transported to a new world, time and place..

Adventure post is a single player Pen and Paper adventure developed by Shawn Hescock & Stile Teckel who had this great idea to send postcards that have mini-games on the back. After a while, the idea became ADVENTURE POST. The best explanation of Adventure post comes right from their Kickstarter: “Adventure Post is a series of mini-adventures played over the course of 12 weeks. The first week is Character Creation and the first mini-adventure and each week that follows is a small portion of the overall larger adventure, all leading to one final conclusion.” Single player mini-adventure? Sign me up!

This is how I discovered the Holiday Teaser. Fantastic, a way to see what it will be like before I even put money towards their cost. So Let’s get right to it!

Going to the site, and a few quick prints, maybe a few swear words at my printer, (Technology amirite?) I was ready to go.

To start, you gather all your required material. 4D6 Each pair similar to make things easier, A pencil and eraser & finally something to mark your character, in my case a D4. Then the reading begins. The story is simple and whimsical. I love the little jokes peppered through the introduction. Then it explains the rules, if you ever played any Pen and Paper before, especially a d6 system you’ll understand this right away. There are only three stats in this system to work with, Stamina, Skill & Resourcefulness. After reading the easy to use instructions. TADA Taco Man the Hero with 19 Stamina, 10 Skill, and 9 Resourcefulness, was ready to fight.

I will say that at first, the combat seemed like it would be the hardest part, not sure why I felt that way reading it, perhaps more coffee was needed, that’s most likely why.

So I placed my character on the map where it says, and the adventure began. While Taco Man was excited about some presents he found, we were not impressed by the fact each present was empty. The way that out of combat events worked was both fun and amusing, the biggest thing was making sure you don’t cheat. The system relies heavily on the honor system that you won’t, honestly, why would you? You would ruin the whole game.

Speaking of ruin… That’s exactly what some gingerbread men wanted to do with Taco Man’s face, ruin it. So now began my first combat experience in Adventure post, Believe me when I say, that was one of the main highlights of the game. The combat is simple and really easy, roll all four dice. Remember how I said to have pairs of colors to make it easier? This is where that came in, two for you, two for enemies. The simplicity of it all was so fun and you could honestly picture in your mind how the fight was going down. In the end, the cookies crumbled though.

Let me talk about the maps for a second, the maps are simple and well laid out, the explanation sheets and the maps work out so well I was never confused about what to do. I know on their Kickstarter they were talking about how Dark Realm Maps will be doing their maps so I can not wait to see how this will feel when played on a well-detailed map.

So after moving on in the game, and almost getting killed by an evil damn reindeer, the adventure came to an end and Taco Man went to celebrate with a Christmas taco.

So while simple and fast, it was an epic time. It’s quick enough to just get through and experience the system and understand everything. It’s near impossible to really find anything to fault with this system. I, myself, will be supporting this Kickstarter and can’t wait to play the full experience when it comes out later in 2019.

You can download the Adventure Post Holiday Teaser from HEREOR from HERE

You can back Adventure Post: A Path of Self-Learning on Kickstarter until January 29, 2019.

You can also join in on the conversation on their facebook group,

Jason Alderman is a 30 year old geek for life. With a passion for all types of games from board games to video games. An experienced DM with many years of running games under his belt. In his free time he is also a professional photographer. Looking for a good pop culture or gaming chat? Be sure to look him up.

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